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Intelligent electric breast pump

Intelligent electric breast pump

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Style: Electric
Whether to bring the power adapter: No

Material: polypropylene (pp)

Wash your hands before using a breast pump to express milk or handle breast milk
.Before breast pumping, compress the breast with a hot towel, massage to stimulate the areola, and let the breast smooth
Milking at the pressure that suits you should stop milking when your breasts or nipples feel pain
Milking only needs to squeeze an eighth amount (the time should not exceed 20 minutes)
Use a container with a lid when storing breast milk
Remove breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)
Do not feed refrigerated breast milk and fresh breast milk together
Thaw refrigerated breast milk or link the container in a warmer to warm the milk for feeding
After refrigerated breast milk is thawed, if the baby cannot drink it after 24 hours, please do not re-refrigerate breast milk, dispose of the rest and disinfect the container

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