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Hair Growth Serum Biotin Oil Reduce Hair Loss Treatment Promotes Hair Growth Longer Repairs

Hair Growth Serum Biotin Oil Reduce Hair Loss Treatment Promotes Hair Growth Longer Repairs

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POP MODERN.C hair growth oil is made of 100% natural ingredients and homemade products.
We hope to bring you an easier way to support hair growth. We combine carefully selected natural ingredients with a vegan-friendly
formula to bring you the essence of hair growth, which you can easily incorporate into your daily hair care routine.
Natural Plant Ingredients Treatment
* Ginseng Extract: It Can Increase The Nutrition Of The Hair, Improve The Toughness Of The Hair, Reduce Hair Loss, Hair Breakage,
And Have A Protective Effect On Damaged Hair.
* Ginger Extract:ginger Can Promote Blood Circulation, Can Promote Hair Grow Effectively, Promote The Nutrient Absorption Of Hair
Roots, Reduce The Symptoms Of Hair Loss And Dandruff Effectively .
* Biotin: Improves Metabolism and Promotes Healthy Hair Growth.
* Castor Oil: Remove Scalp Infections Caused by Bacteria and Fungi, and Promote New Hair Growth.

Everything starts from the roots of the hair to keep you away from hair troubles
* Stimulates natural hair growth
* Carefully formulated to not cause irritation
* For thicker, stronger, healthier hair
How to use:
Step 1: Wash and dry the scalp.
Step 2: Use a dropper or nozzle to apply on dry scalp once a day.
Step 3: Gently massage the scalp until it is completely absorbed, ensure that all areas are covered.

* Make hair roots firm
* Reduce hair loss
* Stronger, thicker, longer hair
* Restore thinning hair
* Deeply condition the scalp, nourish the scalp deeply, stop itching of the scalp and promote hair growth
* Activate hair tissue and strengthen hair roots
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