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One Piece Bed Sheet Cover Aloe Cotton Simmons Non-slip And Dustproof Mattress Protector

One Piece Bed Sheet Cover Aloe Cotton Simmons Non-slip And Dustproof Mattress Protector

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Product information:

Product Category; Bed Sheet
Custom processing: Yes
Whether to support drop shipping; support
The main component of the fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)
Main ingredient content of fabric: 100
Subcomponent of fabric; polyester fiber (polyester)
Subcomponent content of fabric: 100
Pattern; other /other
Bed size; 160cmX (range 200-220) cm
color category: Flower color
Product grade: first-class
Flower type: Eyelashes curving, vitality, star and moon legend, grandeur, best dream-lan, Dina, love feather, heartbeat, space roaming, bohemia-red, flower blooming, flower dream small broken flower , Hua Yun-red, simple, dinosaur, wild, colored glaze, warm coffee, girl's heart, car, night sky, dark fragrance-blue, dark fragrance-jade, yellow-warm sun, unicorn-pink, Xiao Star, strong affection, silhouette, 5502-black, flying fairy from the sky, new-planet
Size specifications: single pillowcase 48*74cm*2 (inner warp), single bed cover 90*200*30cm, single bed cover 120*200*30cm, single bed cover 150*200*30cm, single bed cover 180*200*30cm
Main downstream platforms: eBay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, independent station, LAZADA
Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Weaving process: printing, sanding
Whether the cross-border export special source of supply: Yes
Style: Grid
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Whether it is a general taxpayer: No
Material: polyester cotton
Bedding style: simple style
Bedding fabric: chemical fiber

Packing list:

Bed Coversx1

Weight(g): Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-A:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-B:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-C:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-D:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-E:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-F:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-G:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-H:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-I:1000; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-J:1000; 90x200X30cm-A:1100; 90x200X30cm-B:1100; 90x200X30cm-C:1100; 90x200X30cm-D:1100; 90x200X30cm-E:1100; 90x200X30cm-F:1100; 90x200X30cm-G:1100; 90x200X30cm-H:1100; 90x200X30cm-I:1100; 90x200X30cm-J:1100; 120x200X30cm-A:1200; 120x200X30cm-B:1200; 120x200X30cm-C:1200; 120x200X30cm-D:1200; 120x200X30cm-E:1200; 120x200X30cm-F:1200; 120x200X30cm-G:1200; 120x200X30cm-H:1200; 120x200X30cm-I:1200; 120x200X30cm-J:1200; 150x200X30cm-A:1300; 150x200X30cm-B:1300; 150x200X30cm-C:1300; 150x200X30cm-D:1300; 150x200X30cm-E:1300; 150x200X30cm-F:1300; 150x200X30cm-G:1300; 150x200X30cm-H:1300; 150x200X30cm-I:1300; 150x200X30cm-J:1300; 180x200X30cm-A:1400; 180x200X30cm-B:1400; 180x200X30cm-C:1400; 180x200X30cm-D:1400; 180x200X30cm-E:1400; 180x200X30cm-F:1400; 180x200X30cm-G:1400; 180x200X30cm-H:1400; 180x200X30cm-I:1400; 180x200X30cm-J:1400.

Package Weight(g): Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-A:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-B:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-C:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-D:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-E:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-F:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-G:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-H:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-I:1100; Pillowcase 48x74cmX2-J:1100; 90x200X30cm-A:1200; 90x200X30cm-B:1200; 90x200X30cm-C:1200; 90x200X30cm-D:1200; 90x200X30cm-E:1200; 90x200X30cm-F:1200; 90x200X30cm-G:1200; 90x200X30cm-H:1200; 90x200X30cm-I:1200; 90x200X30cm-J:1200; 120x200X30cm-A:1300; 120x200X30cm-B:1300; 120x200X30cm-C:1300; 120x200X30cm-D:1300; 120x200X30cm-E:1300; 120x200X30cm-F:1300; 120x200X30cm-G:1300; 120x200X30cm-H:1300; 120x200X30cm-I:1300; 120x200X30cm-J:1300; 150x200X30cm-A:1400; 150x200X30cm-B:1400; 150x200X30cm-C:1400; 150x200X30cm-D:1400; 150x200X30cm-E:1400; 150x200X30cm-F:1400; 150x200X30cm-G:1400; 150x200X30cm-H:1400; 150x200X30cm-I:1400; 150x200X30cm-J:1400; 180x200X30cm-A:1500; 180x200X30cm-B:1500; 180x200X30cm-C:1500; 180x200X30cm-D:1500; 180x200X30cm-E:1500; 180x200X30cm-F:1500; 180x200X30cm-G:1500; 180x200X30cm-H:1500; 180x200X30cm-I:1500; 180x200X30cm-J:1500.

Package Size(mm): 200*200*50.
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