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Car waist support

Car waist support

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1. Inner fillding is memory cotton, high-density memory function, extrusion does not deform, feel soft.
2. It is multifunctional, can use car, home or office.
3. Ergonomic design, headrest cushion fitting neck curve, lumbar supports fitting waist curve, relieve driving fatigue, even sitting too long won't make you feel uncomfortable
4. The neck pillow can adjust the position according to your height.
5. Not only the texture but also make your car more luxurious.
6. The neck will not feel any pain, the waist will not feel sore, and the thigh will not numb due to sedentary.

1. Product Name: Memory Foam Car Cushion
2. color: Black, Gray, Green, Red
3. Outer Material: sponge and PU leather
4. Filling Material: Memory Cotton Foam

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